The Insect Fable

by Reverend Glasseye




This album is being released exclusively on Bandcamp. This is the long lost experiment that was recorded the Summer of 2008 in various locations across Austin Texas.

Decidedly heavier than previous Reverend Glasseye records, the Insect Fable is an emotional movement transcending the sadness of previous records into a state of frenzied rage. Where previous records were lush and orchestral, The Insect Fable is sparse, angry and primal, relying at times on the fierce percussive collaboration of Tim Maher and Brian Viglione (Dresden Dolls).

These nine songs were created as collaboration between Adam Glasseye and Ryan Rooney during a period of extreme emotional exhaustion and loss. These songs are the product of a meditation of release and signify a complete change in Reverend Glasseye's creative process. With lyrics that are more brutal and personal and music that is more electric and terrifying. The Insect Fable stands as a lost gem from an eclectic and curious band.


released March 24, 2013

Adam Glasseye, Vocals, Electric Guitar, Organ, Mandolin, Autoharp, Percussion
Ryan Rooney - Vocals, Guitar, Organ, Electric Bass, Baritone Guitar, Percussion
Tim Maher - Drum Kit
Brian Viglione - Drum Kit


Lindsey Verrill - Upright Bass
Scott Hinman - Organ

Recorded at the Compound and Mixed in various locations around Austin Texas by Ryan Rooney, except for 3, 5, 7, recorded and mixed by Adam Glasseye in his kitchen.

Produced by Ryan Rooney and Adam Glasseye

All songs written by Reverend Glasseye ©2007, 2008 Coo-Coo Music ASCAP. All Rights Reserved.



all rights reserved


Reverend Glasseye Austin, Texas

Founded in 2000, Reverend Glasseye became mainstays of Boston's emerging Cabaret Punk scene, wooing an adoring fanbase with highly arranged music that bordered on the landscapes of the morose and the triumphant. After gaining a worldwide cult following, the band faded into obscurity in Austin Texas, where it has continued to quietly create music, exploring and evolving into a very unique sound. ... more

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Track Name: The Insect King
God save the Insect King
He sits under the throne
His little legs legs buckle and break
Cracked and over throne
The crown on his precious head
Withers and preciously breaks apart
Baptized in this fetid pool
on Reparation Day

And torn apart, off guard
on Saturnalia
He croaks his song helplessly
Mercy Sophia

And my pathetic hands
will smother him cold
I one labelled by the death of youth
the other, the weight of growing old
All hail the Insect King
Extinction of Imperial
Hail, hail the Jeweled Crown
The Godhead and mandible

And torn apart, off guard
on Saturnalia
He croaks his song helplessly
Mercy Sophia